Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why to use this service?

A fresh start always needs some extra working to get acknowledged. This concept is apt for all, even for a new business. Our service helps you to grant it without any trouble.

2. What this service offers?

You can’t get into light until you are known to the people around you. So we give you a chance to enter a vast world of internet marketing with a heft. Avail it and feel the light!

3. Are the comments from the real people?

Yes. The comments are real and genuine. We are helping you to get online success in the real and dynamic world of Instagram users with the genuine service.

4. How long would it take to process the orders?

The orders get processed at the same time. It generally takes a day to accomplish your order.

5. Do you guarantee delivery?

Do not worry; we supply you with the clean and timely orders. In case of any disparity, you can call our executives or can e-mail us.

6. What kind of information do you need from me?

You do not have to ponder a lot on it. We just need your Instagram profile password to process your request in a specified time frame.

7. Will your service get my account banned?

The service grants you a masterly spots with an ease and as we have already mentioned, the service is genuine. It is not going to infect your account.

8. I am still pondering about the reliability of the service?

I know, being a new customer, you might have a doubt. Just do not. We are available here 24×7 to entertain you.

9. How come it has been a full day and I have yet to see any likes or followers on my page?

It mostly takes a day for us. But in some cases, you need to wait for some more hours to enjoy the benefits of it.

10. I need to know more? How can I get more information?

You just simply get in touch with us by visiting our contact us page and know all the required information.

11. What are the payment options present to avail your services?

You can avail the benefits of our services easily through your credit cards. The available payments options are Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payoneer.

12. Are you offering more services?

Yes, we are offering several services such as YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Views, Pinterest Followers and Instagram services.